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Aroma tea house is an art hotel featured by traditional Chinese culture such as studies of Chinese ancient civilization, painting and calligraphy, tea art, etc. The hotel was originally built during the Daoguang reign of Qing Dynasty (1820-1850 AD), thus boasting a profound historical and cultural background. The hotel has a superb location right by Rong Lake. The hotel museum has a good collection of ancient potteries and porcelains of the prehistoric age, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Eastern and Western Jin, Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Dynasty. The activities of “Journey to the Ancient in the Museum” have been organized at regular interval to take you back hundreds even thousands of years and enjoy the fun of collection. The hotel provides Chinese-English vacation assistants to offer 24-hour butler services to you. Besides, the hotel can customize the high-end one-day tour for tourists and raise suggestions on tourists’ sightseeing tours. Ronghu art Gallery holds various art treasures created by Chinese famous calligraphers and painters, jadeite artists, craft artists and ceramic artists, through which you can have a good appreciation of the quintessence of Chinese art. The hotel will organize the activities of art appreciation and tea tasting in Ronghu art Gallery from 14:00 to 17:00 pm of each day, and will organize walking trip around Rong Lake from 19:30 to 21:00 of each night. The vacation assistants will show you around the major scenic spots in urban area of Guilin, including Ancient South Gate, One-thousand-year-old Banian, Sun and Moon Twin pagodas, Great Waterfall Show, etc.. The hotel has also offered Chinese ancient civilization experience courses, the calligraphy and painting courses which are taught by Mr Zheng, the famous calligrapher and painter of Guilin, and the tea art courses which are taught by the tea art professors. All the teachers here teach through lively activities. There are Rong Lake Panorama Restaurant and a bar on the fifth floor of

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No.9 Ronghu South Road

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0773-2283265 (CouponCode:31160) (Busy or no answer, online booking please!)

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0086773-2283265 (Catering, conference,sauna,entertainment, Invoice, traffic)

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